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Amana Manori is deeply committed to philanthropy and targeted charitable activities. While donating to many causes, Amana’s personal philanthropic efforts have a special focus on the underprivileged and the environment. Amana was born in Denmark where her parents met after her mother was forced to flee from Uganda due to political tyranny. Her family immigrated Canada in the 1970’s and life was further complicated by a number of family and financial issues. Amana left home at the age of fifteen and was the first person in her family to gain a post-secondary education in her family. This journey has fuelled her commitment to provide access, empowerment and encouragement to others in need.

Throughout her career Amana has been involved with fundraising and outreach for women’s health, prevention of women/children abuse, provision of basic necessities for families, and other anti-poverty initiatives. Amana has committed significant resources to empowering vulnerable women in the community and at large. She has participated in a multitude of projects and mandates to support women’s education, provide for their families, and help strengthen the institutions they rely upon. Amana is committed to inspiring people to care about the Arctic and global heating.  

Please open your hearts (and your wallets)
and support these important causes

St Stephens Community House logo

Highness supports SSCH, an impactful community-based social service agency that has been serving the needs of the City of Toronto since 1962. SSCH helps the City’s most vulnerable people helping over 25,000 people a year tackle the most pressing issues they face including hunger, homelessness, unemployment, isolation, conflict, violence, HIV and AIDS, youth alienation and integration of immigrants. SSCH operates on the basis that our City should be an all-inclusive community in which harmony, empowerment and opportunity fosters social and economic justice and offers a better quality of life for all.

Amana Manori serves on the Board of Directors of SSCH. As an immigrant child herself living in challenging financial circumstances, Amana grew up with the support and assistance of local social services organizations. SSCH is close to her heart as Amana recognizes the valuable work that SSCH does as anti-poverty organization and knows first-hand that supporting vulnerable members of society can alter the trajectory of their lives.

SSCH was voted as Canada’s top 100 Charities (2019); Greater Toronto’s Top Employers (2019) and is a United Way anchor organization.
SSCH Charitable Registration Number: 11920 1960 RR0001.

Polar Bear International logo

PBI is a leading global conservation group dedicated to protecting sea ice and is the only organization dedicated solely to wild polar bears. PBI’s commitment to innovation, science, and technology is the foundation of their vision. As leaders in polar-bear research, PBI is committed to using scientific and technological resources to educate people around the world and inspire them to make lasting change. Made up of professionals from various fields, the PBI team works with our regular contributors and researchers from around to world to provide new science that informs conservation.

Please join Highness in supporting PBI by donating or adopting a polar bear at: http://polarbearsinternational.org/

Your actions today will help prevent potentially catastrophic changes from taking place—not only helping polar bears, but also preserving the climate that has allowed humans to flourish.

PBI is a registered charity in Canada (Charity tax number 86272-2279-RR0001).

OneProsper International logo

OneProsper works to empower girls in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India to break the cycle of poverty and helping the next generation of women to thrive. Using rainwater collection technology, women no longer have to spend the majority of their days collecting water and instead can go to school.

OneProsper has developed a holistic solution that gives girls the support they need to earn an education by providing: a) clean water by building rainwater harvesting tanks for girls’ families, and b) girls with bicycles and school supplies for attending school. OneProsper empowers women to double their income through water-smart farming methods thereby, enabling women to fund their daughters education.

OneProsper International is a Canadian registered charity that supported 60 girls in 2018 and 100 girls in 2019. Please join Amana, as an Ambassador to OneProsper by donating at https://www.oneprosper.ca/donate